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British singer-songwriter and producer, PEARL, invites you into a verdant and ethereal world, with new single ‘Fish'. Nostalgic synths nestle round delicate and dreamy vocals, descriptive lyrics weave images into the listeners eye and a biophilic world is created, one that encapsulates. 


PEARL’s debut EP, WHERE I GO, showcases four tracks which touch on the theme of acceptance. Each song was written as a way of processing emotions and events and moving on from them in a positive way, with PEARL sharing, “Writing these songs was a really reflective process, I would look back at a memory, make sense of it, and plot a path through. It was really cathartic.” 

Recorded and co-produced at Urchin Studios with Matt Ingram, the EP is sonically inspired by the likes of Sylvan Esso, BANKS and Maggie Rogers, as well as the lyrical imagery of Ben Howard. Dancing delicately between indie pop, alt pop and synth pop, WHERE I GO is an intoxicating amalgamation of celestial vocals, echoing synths, pulsating beats and shimmering melodies. 

Having already garnered support from numerous Spotify editorial playlists, PEARL is carving out her own unique place in the music industry, as she asks listeners to join her on an exploration into a new magical world, where lush landscapes come alive in harmonious symphonies.

Where I Go

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Years (Official Video)



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